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Central Schools/Palm Beach High School
1908 - 1970

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Twin Lakes High School
1970 - 1988

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Dreyfoos School of the Arts
1997 - Present


The Palm Beach High School (PBHS) Historical Association is dedicated to preserving the memories and memoribilia for all the schools that have ever existed and still exists on "The Hill" located at the intersection of Hibisus St. and Sapodilla Ave. which is on the western side of City Place in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The PBHS Historical Association is looking for a school spirited and motivated PBHS Graduate to volunteer for the Chairperson position. If you are interested or know of someone who might be interested contact Marvin Anthony at (561) 685-3179.

The PBHS Historical Association is a not for profit organization and operates solely on donations. Donations are tax deductable.

The PBHS Historical Association has a museum building located in downtown West Palm Beach at the corner of Flagler Drive and 4th St. The museum is opened by appointment only. Appointments can be scheduled by clicking on the "Contact Us" button. Visiting the museum is a popular activity for class reunions.

Click the "Alumni Association" button for additional information about the PBHS Alumni Assoc. Museum.

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