Our Palm Beach High School Historical Association Museum was dedicated on [???] with a small but influential group in attendance.  Judge James Knott, Dr. Reggie Stambaugh, and Greg and John Rice—those well-known "Think Big" men—were some who were present.  If you can identify others in the pictures, then let us know and we'll include their names.  Plan on attending the meetings as we continue to plan for the future of the museum and other alumni activities.  Everyone is welcome!

Judge James Knott delivering a message, Greg and John Rice looking onDr. Reggie Stambaugh and Greg and John Rice

The following pictures were snapped in 1996 at a Class of '47 Reunion planning committee meeting.  In attendance were Mary Jo Hartwell, and others who were not identified for us.  Again, if you are one of these people, or know who they are, then let us know and we'll recognize you here.

Class of '47 reunion planning committee with Mary Jo HartmanClass of '47 reunion planning committee

As we receive more pictures from you, we'll add them to the Web site.  So get to digging around in your old shoe boxes and the back of those desk drawers!  This Web site is YOURS and we need YOUR continued input to make it the greatest alumni Web site in the whole wide WORLD!