Supporting the Palm Beach High School Historical Association

What if you could honor your loved ones and support the Palm Beach High School Historical Association and Museum at the same time? Well, now you can!

The PBHS Alumni Historical Association has developed plans for collection of PBHS alumni data (similar to what we've been doing with data collection for the upcoming Grand Reunion), plus creation of an historical data base of personal historical/biographical information about individuals. The historical information can be submitted by the individual themselves or by friends or family members who want to honor someone who had attended Palm Beach High School (still living or deceased).

Each life history that is submitted will become part of a permanent display at the museum. This is your opportunity to write an outline or summary or narrative of your life, or the life of a friend or family member who attended Palm Beach High School at any time in PBHS's history. The person honored does NOT need to be a graduate of Palm Beach High School, but must have attended or been associated there during some of the school's years.

Remember, everyone who was associated with PBHS is a part of the fabulous history of Palm Beach High School! The information you provide will help create a living history of our Alma Mater, keeping alive its memory and the memory of those who were privileged to walk its halls.

Who Should You Sponsor?

Well, that depends entirely on you and the information you can provide. You could write about yourself, a parent or sibling who attended PBHS, a teacher or other faculty or staff member you really appreciated, or a fellow classmate that you admire.

What Does the Museum Plan on Doing with this Information?

The biographical information that you submit to the Museum will be placed in a plastic sleeve,and kept in a notebook. The notebook will be kept in the museum for all visitors to read. This will provide interesting reading for all persons who ever attended Palm Beach High School, as well as provide a way for long lost friends to discover what has been happening with their friends during the years since leaving high school. The information will be arranged in alphabetical order by last name for convenience in referencing. Visitors to the museum will need to know only the person's last name to find the biography about them in the book.

A subset of this plan is to occasionally post a few of the biographies on this Web site. You would need to provide us with permission if you want us to do this. The online biographies would be changed periodically to allow other persons to have their "day" in the PBHS limelight.

What Should the Biography Contain?

Everyone who once walked the halls of Palm Beach High School went on to do something with their lives — you went to college or trade school, joined the armed services, got married, had kids and grandkids, traveled the country or the world, moved to another state or country, started a business or continued a family business, or got a job of some sort, maybe you were even a movie star! — your friends and fellow classmates would like to know about what you or your loved one did. Here's your opportunity to let the world know what you've been up to all these years. You don't have to be "famous" or rich to submit your biography — your friends just want to know what you did with yourself after you left high school.

The finished document does not need to be long — two pages would be more than sufficient. The two pages will fit into a single plastic protection sleeve in the notebook, so the information can be read front to back. Then submit the completed document to the Palm Beach High School Alumni Historical Museum. Your document can be typed or handwritten, and can be submitted through the US postal service or through email.

How Does this Help the Museum?

Good question! There are two ways this will help the Museum. The first is by providing us with historically focused information that will make the Museum a more interesting place to visit. The second is that we're requesting that each submitted biography be accompanied by a donation. All donations are tax deductible.

Suggestions for donation amounts:

  • Single individual biography — $250
  • Family page biographyif several members of the same family attended PBHS
    • $500 for up to four members
    • $1000 for five or more members

Please consider what you can do to help us make this a success.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation in any amount to the Palm Beach Historical Association and Museum, send your checks to the address below.

Make checks payable to:
Palm Beach High School Historical Association Inc.
PO Box 18456
West Palm Beach, Fl 33416.
Please give us your information so we can mail your tax deductible receipt back to you.