What appears on this Memories page is entirely up to you.  Please submit images from your high school yearbooks, photos you've kept for all these many years stuffed away in a drawer or box under the bed, old newspaper clippings, articles, etc.—in short what ever is a memory for you from your joyful years as a student at the School on the Hill that you think others would enjoy seeing.  There's no limit (well almost none!) to the number of pages we can post here.  Send your images via email attachment to the webmaster (you will have to scan them first, or otherwise digitize them), or through the postal mail service.  Any images received through the snail mail will be carefully scanned by us and returned (so be sure to include your current home address!). Images you submit do NOT have to be in wonderful condition . . . they are, after all, understood as being old and suffering from wear and tear.  They will look wonderful here in our scrapbook.  Please include any anecdotal comments that will help us make sense of the image.  The ones shown below are just to get the cogs rolling in your memory factory.

Going to assemply in 1966Do you remember having to pile out of class and head down the hill to the auditorium for assembly?  From the looks of this picture, we're all headed to a pep rally on Friday afternoon. . .wonder who we were playing that night. . .and did we win??

The Campus ShopThe Campus Shop was synonymous with the School on the Hill.  It was where everyone hung out before and after school and where you went for lunch, if you were cool.  Guess back then we weren't as worried about maintaining our "space" as we are today.  Being smashed in the crowd as you elbowed your way to the counter to order a Coke was just part of the game.  Life was great back then.  See all those smiling faces?

The HutPlaying the car shuffle at The Hut was a nightly event for many of us, at least the ones with wheels or friends with wheels. Most of us didn't have a Corvette or a Harley, but we did enjoy sipping a root beer from a thick frosted mug. It was ever so much better than the ones the poor kids at Forest Hill had to suffer with at the A&W on Southern Boulevard! And I bet you can still "taste" those delicious grilled hot dogs and fries in your memory, too.

Palm Beach High School 1957
Palm Beach High School in 1957

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