We have had some interesting pictures donated to the Web site. If you have more, send them to us and a brief description of when it was taken (if you know) and who is in the picture.

Palm Beach High in 1927This is cute little Katie Jean Jensen (Philips) on her first day of school, 1927. It is an interesting historical image because this was taken before the 1928 hurricane blew down the tower on the building shown in this image; it was never rebuilt. Most of us don't remember a tower being there. Thanks Jim, for sharing this picture of your mom with us!

on the beach in 1952


Identified individuals are John Moyle, Carroll Peacock, Steve Holzapple, Sally Hamner, and Cliff Johns; taken ca. 1952
(photo supplied by Cliff Johns)

Cliff Johns



Cliff Johns, Captain USN, Ret. — Class of 1952
(photo taken in 1995)

Andrew Scott Ritchie, Captain USN - Class of 1967




Andrew Scott Ritchie, Captain USN — Class of 1967