Tony in 1966 in Corsair

Tony (the Tiger) Spletstoser in 1966 aboard a WW II U.S. Navy Corsair.

We want to thank James (Tony) Spletstoser for sending us these pictures of his memories in Vietnam. Tony is a Palm Beach High School graduate, class of 1947. Tony says that he has "fewer old friends now" and so now tries to make new ones. Contacts through this PBHS Alumni Web site is one way to make new friends with a shared background.

Tony signature card

Tony's signature card.

lovely wife Hoa and sonTony says: For part of my four years in Vietnam I was a photographer for the US Army Aviation. [This] photo is of my beautiful wife Hoa (Wah) and stepson way back when. The photo shows her and her son Phouc.

Tony and son NickTony says: My No.2, or middle son, is Nicola (29), Nick the Rev. He's a chaplain. He is a 1st Lt now but due to make Captain this month (Feb. 2006) and is a Chaplain in the US Army.

Hoa and I have two other sons. Lil Tony (34) is a computer technician, The youngest is Hai (23) who is a Sr. Airman in the USAF Security Forces. As I write this (Feb. 2006), he is on his way to Iraq and the city of Kirkuk. I pray for his safe return, as well that of all his mates.

Tony with George

Tony with a friend from Vietnam — his name is George. George is a Rock Python, and quite a nice sized one, too — 14 feet long when this photo was snapped! This photo was taken at the Cam Ranh Bay Navy Seal Team camp. When the SEALs left they made arrangements for George to have a new home at the San Francisco Zoo. George rode 1st class on a Pan AM flight to CONUS.

postcard from VietnamTony says: This photo was taken of me and a Montagnyard family. The 'Yards are mountain tribes people who were there before the Vietnamese came down from the north a few thousand years ago. They haven't changed much. They still hunt with cross bows and live in huts the same as always. However, now they have automatic weapons that we have supplied them. In some tribes, the male children are trained as warriors from the time they can walk. Mostly they hate all Vietnamese because the Viets treated them much the same way that we Whites treated our Native Americans. For the most part, the Montagyards were loyal to the Americans. Our Special Forces team used this tribe to rout out the VC.

Sunset in Viet Nam

This photo taken May 7, 1970 during our incursion into the Cambodian sanctuaries. I had permission to come along for photo ops. I was assigned a 335th AHC "Cowboys" aircraft. It had been a long day and we were returning Vinh Long. My ride had just landed at a Mekong River POL (refueling point) the rest of our Eagle Flight can be seen lining up to come in.

Tony in GeorgiaTony says: Pretty good shape for an 'ol geezer, huh?

I live alone on a 100 acre farm. I enjoy hunting and shooting sports. I'm 78 now. Not as fast as I used to be, but I get out of bed every morning at 0400 and go to work at Robins AFB. Since Vietnam, I've worked for the USAF here at Robins AFB, Ga. for the last 31 years. I'm a Tech in their EW Avionics shop.