More interesting photos from the 1938 Royal Palm yearbook

PBHS 1938

Composited photo from the 1938 yearbook showing the entire campus (tinting in original). This photo reveals that in 1938 there was no vocational building, which later was constructed behind the PBHS main building to the right of the image, with the vocational shops located across the street from the football field. Also this picture shows that there were no separate band and chorus buildings, which were later constructed on either side of the auditorium (that long building back by the football field). What?? the football field only has stands on one side . . . do you mean we had to sit in the same bleachers with the opposition??? And there was only one gymnasium (behind the junior high building). Also note that the Campus Shop was there — or at least the building that later housed the Campus Shop was already present in this 1938 aerial photo. Does anyone know when the Campus Shop came into being?

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