Our list is growing!!! Thanks for sending in the information. This page will display the link information that is provided by contact persons or webmasters from other Palm Beach High School graduating classes. If you are the webmaster, or know a webmaster from another PBHS class, please let us know if you want your link information placed here for everyone to find.  Send us the link information to your Web site, we'll take care of the rest.  We are not responsible for content on these other Web sites, and do reserve the right to censure inappropriate or offensive materials. The links you provide should be to legitimate Palm Beach High School class Web sites. Thanks for your cooperation! The Management Folks.

Class of 1947 contact person: James (Tony) Spletstoser; and take a look at the pictures he's shared with us

Class of 1948 contact person: Cecil Fultz or Sam Smith

Class of 1950 — contact person: Betty (Hausrath) Olsson

Class of 1951 — contact person: Barbara Collinsworth Bursey

Class of 1952 — contact person: Judy Wolfson Smith

Class of 1953contact person: Les Crosby; visit their Web site Visit the Class of 1953 50th reunion page to reminisce in pictures.

Class of 1954 __ contact person: Kirk Lee

Class of 1955 — contact person: Rosanne Kalil Bush

Class of 1956— contact person: Carol Ruschmeyer Parkey Web site is here! Please visit us and let us know you think!

Class of 1957contact person: Marti Anne Riggle Wandelt; Visit the PBHS Class of 1957 Web site

Class of 1958 — contact person: Jim Anstis; here's some photos from a mini-reunion at Russo's Sub Shop

Class of 1960— contact person: Joanne Alban White or Bette Anne Starkeyhere's the link for their 50th reunion info and photos

Class of 1961— contact person: George Reese and visit the 1961 web site — GREAT images of the school, even a recent aerial

Class of 1963contact person: Steve Hiss; take a look at these pictures from the 40th class reunion taken in 2003. Thanks Steve for providing the pictures from the party!

Class of 1964 — contact person: Bette Holland

Class of 1965 — contact person: Thomas H. Handel

Class of 1967 — contact person: Pat Sprague Jawdy; visit the PBHS 1967 alumni Web site

Class of 1968 — contact person: Barbara Herder Gohr

Class of 1970 — contact person: Dawn Young Hreschak

Twin Lakes Class Links

Class of 1977contact person: Donna Jones Pethtel ; visit the TLHS 1977 Website

Class of 1979 contact person John Shore

Classes 1982 - 1990 contact person: Ronald Dupont; visit the TLHS Website -Network with other TLHS Classmates